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Sports Physical Therapy & Training

Getting You Back In The Game!

Athletes have different needs when it comes tophysical therapy. At Envision, we specialize in the treatment of sport-related injuries. Our physical therapists have advanced training and certifications including Masters of Science in Sports Medicine and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Treatment sessions are always one-on-one.


Envision Physical Therapy also offers corrective exercise, strength and conditioning programs, and personal training for athletes. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to correct faulty mechanics associated with overuse injuries while increasing an athlete’s core strength, flexibility and posture, reducing the risk for injury.


We communicate directly with orthopedic surgeons and referring physicians to develop all post-operative plans of care. Our integrated approach to sports-injury rehabilitation incorporates both therapeutic exercise and manual therapy techniques to optimize recovery and facilitate return to sport.

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