Pediatric Therapy

Envision Physical Therapy offers pediatric services for infants to young adults. We offer a family friendly environment, including a private treatment room. In addition to young athletes and orthopedic injuries we offer pediatric physical therapy for a variety of conditions including torticollis, developmental delay, and toe-walking.


Torticollis is a condition in which muscles in the head and neck become shortened and tight resulting in the head tilting or rotating to the side. This can result in poor visual tracking, asymmetrical head shape, or delayed motor skills. Early diagnosis and treatment often provides significant improvement with just a few visits.


Developmental Delay occurs when a child does not reach gross motor milestones such as rolling, crawling, or walking at the expected times.  Physical Therapy helps to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and facilitate optimal movement patterns.


Toe-walking is common in young children and often does not indicate an underlying problem. Persistent toe-walking in older children can result in shortening of the calf muscles. Physical Therapy can provide effective management with stretching, strengthening, and coordination activities to normalize gait mechanics.